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Jack Higginbottom and the Cave Dot Com

269 pages4 hours


Three young friends, a wizard, some hairy Vikings, a two headed dragon, and a piece of modern technology set the scene for this mystical adventure set in the present and the past. Jack is transported one thousand years back in time, and along with his trusty dog stinky, his two friends Will & Charlie he sets off on an amazing adventure.
They befriend an ancient wizard called Com, and his loyal servant a midget named Dot. They are horrified to find that the peaceful village they came from his now terrorized by a ferocious tribe of evil Vikings called the Krongs, and between them they set off on a long journey across ancient Britain to find the precious Devils Bloodstone.
The Bloodstone will weaken the evil Krongs, and enable Com the wizard to use his magic powers to rid the land of them. The Bloodstone is found only in a cave on the far side of the land, and is guarded by the Grugon a mighty two-headed dragon.
Along the way they encounter many other obstacles and strange creatures, and spend time in a golden underwater city called Chalosin. The wizard Com encounters an old enemy the evil sorceress Zanit, and his magical powers are put to the ultimate test. After he has saved his old friend King Kaje from the sorceress’s evil spell, the journey continues to Harobed the home of his old friend Merlin.
The adventure concludes with the battle of the wizards against the might of the Krongs, and includes an unforgettable moment between wizards, and the giant spiders of Margolis.

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