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Dobrynia's Path 1: Dark Harbinger

369 pages5 hours


Beware. This is a novel of fantasy and horror. It is a tale of light and darkness, of glory and depravity. You will be introduced to Dobrynia, a Norse Valkyrie who has fallen into the bowels of Hell. Take five books from the mainstream horror genre, put their grisly content together and you may approach what I have created. It begins here. You have been warned. Rating: EXTREME controversy.

Kill Bill + The Exorcist + Re-Animator + Hellraiser = This Book

Imagine finding the entrance to another world, and knowing that once you step through this portal, you can never come back home. That is the choice one of Odin’s warrior maidens, a Valkyrie, is about to make. Her name is Dobrynia.


The single word stood out among the many thoughts and images running through the woman’s mind. This world was different, very different from the one she’d left behind, but the greed and hatred among men were as deep and constant as they’d been back home. Also, and just like it was on her world, the weak and powerless were the primary targets of these selfish and relentless predators.

The raven-haired watcher had chosen not to meddle in the affairs of this strange, new place, but the injustice and cruelty she witnessed demanded that she take action. No matter how she tried to avoid it, the blatant acts of crime and violence clamored to the forefront of her thoughts until she took matters into her own capable hands.

The furtive movements of two young men, she’d heard them referred to as ‘cholos’ a few times, caught her attention earlier. She’d followed them from a distance, watching as they whispered their intentions and garbed themselves with black, woolen masks that covered their entire heads. She’d watched as they jumped a wooden fence, then rushed towards a sleepy residence and barged in through the unguarded back door. Their screams and threats carried out into the darkness and stung bitterly at the cool night air.

Their targets: an unsuspecting elderly couple who’d made the costly mistake of living in a neighborhood rife with crime and poverty. The old couple mounted no defense, yet the two thugs still felt compelled to vent their anger and frustration on the old couple’s withered skins and frail bones. They might kill these people, she knew, even though it was so unnecessary to direct such violence against such pitiful creatures.

And so, the woman stealthily followed in the footsteps of these miscreants, her quiet footfalls carrying her across the darkened backyard, and through the threshold of the residence. She’d been so silent that she’d made it as far as the couple’s bedroom doorway, before the pair of ruffians became aware of her presence.

“Come and test your skill against one trained by Odin himself.” Her words were cold as ice, her resolve as strong as steel. “You shall not find me lacking.”

And they came, as they always did, muttering their vile and menacing threats as if to embolden their callous intentions.

On her world, justice was a swift and harsh beast. It plunged into the heart of evil, and ripped at it with piercing talons. It screeched its throaty and shrill cry at its adversary, and met its ugly force with an equal and powerful response. And like an animal, her version of justice held no remorse or compassion for those who dared infringe upon the rights of others.

The Valkyrie tensed for action, and remaining true to her nature, she commenced the fray herself.

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