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Michele Bachmann's America

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"I would advise anyone who wants to know more about Bachmann to read a new book on her by William Prendergast and Chris Truscott called Michele Bachmann’s America. Prendergast, who lives in Bachmann’s hometown of Stillwater, Minnesota and has been following her for years, is like the living oracle of Bachmann."--Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone


Michele Bachmann's America

Fiery rhetoric.

A powerful movement.

The road to the White House.

Michele Bachmann’s career as never seen before.

In the first book covering the career of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, Minnesota-based writers William Prendergast and Christopher Truscott provide an in-depth look at a woman who has changed American politics over the last decade.

The authors, who have covered Bachmann’s career since its earliest days, take readers on a journey that spans from her political/religious education at Oral Roberts University all the way to her emergence as a serious contender for the White House.


About the Authors

William Prendergast is a writer who has covered Michele Bachmann’s political career since 2003, when he worked as a columnist at the Stillwater (Minn.) Gazette. He is the author of Forbidden Hollywood and blogs on politics for Minnesota Progressive Project and Daily Kos.

Christopher Truscott is a former journalist and occasional political consultant with extensive experience in Minnesota politics. He has followed Michele Bachmann’s career since 2004 and is the author of two political novels—Stumbling Forward and A Referendum on Conscience.

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