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The Fertile Ground

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The great questions, you know the questions as well as I do. What is the true meaning of life? What do we stand for? How certain are you about your beliefs? Can you be certain about anything in a world of constant change? How have all the new scientific discoveries, the impact of quantum theory, the influences of culture, including our families, relationships, religion, schooling, movies, music, technology, social media, popular culture, health and nutrition, our beliefs from ancient to modern times, influenced us? Do we base our opinions on facts? Does our culture value fact finding and questioning of the norm? How does all this information affect our souls, our humanity, our thoughts and feelings? Have we been taught to truly live and love ourselves and one another? How much of these outside influences are subliminal? Do you have repetitive thoughts and worries? Do these outside influences serve us as human beings? What do we cling to that may no longer be serving us? Where is our hope? Why are we so divided? What is our relationship to change? What is our relationship to the cosmos, to the plants and animals, to our environment? What was the outlook of our ancestors towards nature, towards life? What are we evolving towards, in mind and body? What is sacred to us? Where is our faith? What about honesty, virtue and integrity? How does religion influence us? Are we moving towards life and living or furthering this civilizing surviving with all these modern diseases?

In observing this, our modern world, these essays and some with rhyme of "The Fertile Ground" will give us "food" for thought. The reader is called upon to reexamine and contemplate their "inner" lives and their relationships to the "outer" sacred, which is their relationships to our natural world, where we all dwell. The reader is challenged to ponder where our social influences of today are moving and specifically, what is your part in this movement and in your own direction in life?

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