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Fishing Alaska's Wild Waters is a wilderness fishing adventure ebook. Each chapter is introduced with a photo taken at the time and location of the writing. A reference link is available for viewing additional photos of the various adventure excursions.

Alaskan author Doug C. Myers is a former owner of a sport fishing lodge located in remote Southwest Alaska. Myers writes of his fishing/wildlife adventures on wild rivers of the Bering Sea and Bristol Bay Regions, Kodiak Island, Alaska Peninsula, and less secluded Kenai Peninsula. Detailed attention is given to fishing upper Kenai River reds (sockeye salmon) and Arctic grayling.

To read Fishing Alaska's Wild Waters is to take a virtual trip to the fisherman's 'last frontier' - a timeless treasure experienced by a fortunate few. For some it provides the vicarious realization of an elusive dream. Episodes of catching Alaska salmon are included in several chapters - king (chinook), red (sockeye), chum (dog), pink (humpy), and silver (coho) salmon. A saga account of the salmon's migratory pattern and metamorphic change leading to instinct's spawning ritual is also included. Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden char, northern pike, herring, and halibut are also featured.
Included also is time spent with Native friends at their subsistence fish camp on the shoreline of a designated 'wild and scenic' river in Southwest Alaska. From ancient privilege to wildlife observations and encounters to sport fishing highlights, the ebook emphasizes Alaska's greatest resource - the spirit of adventure.

The book's contents includes: Katmai Wilderness Drama, Rainbow Reward, Ancient Privilege, Appointment With Kings, Migration Spectacle, Prospecting Silver, Treasured Island Jewel, Wilderness Extravaganza (A River Runs Red), Arctic Splendor, Final Cast Retrieve, and Extending The Journey.

You will learn about sport fishing experiences that will more than wet your appetite for your own adventure, whether in Alaska or out your own back door.

Reader's Comments:
Your book was very interesting to read. I have fished Alaska waters for many years. I know from my own fishing that your experiences are well written. - Larry Connolly, Air Force Retired, AK/AZ
Myself and my buddy Jeff loved your book. Thank you!. Someday I hope to visit your land! - Marque Kelsey, Nature Photographer, and Jeff Smith, Screenplay Writer, CA

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ISBN: 9781102468820
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