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Dream of the Archer

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Lenore travels to England to fulfill her grandfather's dying wish--to visit his homeland. Her short hike through Sherwood, however, takes longer than anticipated when she's cast back in time to 1192 AD. Alone, and in a forest much denser than the one she'd set out in, she looks for help. What she finds is a troupe of drunk and lusting medieval re-enactors, and an unseen archer impaling them from the trees one by one.

Damian suffers recurrent dreams of a golden-haired angel calling him to his death. He had taken the post of guarding the northern trail in hopes of escaping this dream. A foolish hope. Seeing a poorly disguised lady clothed as a lad and stumbling along the woodland path raises his guard and he watches her from a distance. When the Woodward attacks her and pulls her hair free from its tie, Damian recognizes her as the angel from his dreams. He is sure that sparing her life will lead to his death, but he cannot walk away. Raising his bow, he lets his arrows fly.

Damian wants nothing more than revenge on the Sheriff for killing his father and the return of the d'Armante lands. Only King Richard's return will gain him back his inheritence. Until then, he resides deep in the forest with Robin and all whom the Sheriff declared outlaws. Lenore seeks only a way back home--to the future. Both know that a union will only lead to heartache and death, but the burning passion between them is too powerful to resist. Some things are worth dying for.

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