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292 Profit Strategies For Business Owners And How To Use Them Effectively

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This book is aimed at owners and managers of small businesses who want to know how to plan, market and sell their way to better profits on a sustainable basis.

The book is divided into 2 main parts. The first part presents a step by step, easy to follow, approach to quarterly planning for profits. The plan is based on a well known formula used naturally by many leading entrepreneurs in business, that focus on 6 main strategic areas that affect profits in any business.

The second part of the book details 292 strategies divided into the 6 main areas in the plan from part 1. There are easy to follow descriptions as to how to select, apply and combine the strategies to maximise profits. Each strategic area has its own description followed by more detailed descriptions for each strategy. can be used by any business and has been tried and tested across the world by thousands of businesses. It presents an easy step by step approach to working on the 6 key profit components in all businesses that leading entrepreneurs use naturally.

The planning method and strategies have been successfully used and tested by thousands of business owners across the world. The author has applied his extensive business experience as a leader in business systemisation and change, owner of several small businesses and as a business coach.

This book is a must for all business owners who want to learn a systematic, easy to follow method of creating and sustaining a profitable business. For those business owners who have the discipline they can become their own business coach.

As Mok Tuck Sung in Singapore said “Your book is very comprehensive and a gem for business owners. More importantly, is you have exhibited willingness to help businesses to grow in an un-reserved manner”

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