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Veil of Illusion

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A story of love, betrayal and forgiveness across lifetimes. Things aren't always what they seem. And when we go looking for answers, we may find more than we bargained for. Caitlin Saunders is willing to risk everything to learn the truth about her husband's sudden death and the men who say they love her. But she's not ready for her new friend, Josie, and all her talk of soul mates. And she's certainly not ready for the possibility of past lives and what the laws of karma and reincarnation mean to her this time around. It takes betrayal and deceit before she's willing to challenge her traditional beliefs and make peace with both the past and the present. Take the journey with Caitlin as she pulls back the veil between illusion and reality and experiences the healing power of love and forgiveness. "In lyrical, often stunning narrative and vivid dialogue, Ms. Sheehy offers us a glimpse into deeper meaning for our own lives." - Eleanor Sampeck Sullo, author "Illuminates beautifully how the power of our past influences our present life. A transforming and compelling must-read." - Z, Astrologer, Diviner and Metaphysical Counselor/Healer

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