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The Secret of Moaning Rock: Part 1

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From the imagination of story-teller, Graham Murray, comes a new tale of adventure, suspense, drama, love and loss.

Following a freak accident when a strange and unexpected storm forces teenage friends, Sara and David, into the forest to seek shelter, they find themselves transported to a strange and wonderful fantasy land where magic really exists and fairy tales are just a way of life.

Here they come across an eccentric old man, who promises to help them get back to their own world. But this is no simple task. Not only must he protect them from the clutches of the enraged Queen of the Forest and her feared army of elves, he has to help them recreate the right conditions to get them back to their own world.

And to do this they require something very rare and very special indeed; a secret that has been kept under lock and key for hundred of years in the most inaccessible of places.

To make matters worse, the Queen’s elves are not the cute little people that we may think they are.

After a series of adventures and challenges in the enchanted forest, the trio finally has the Queen’s castle in sight and the object of their desire is within reach. Or is it?

When Sara suddenly vanishes from right under their noses, they realize that their problems are only just beginning.

In “The Secret of Moaning Rock – Part 1”, of ‘Adventures in the Land of The Enchanted Forest’, we discover just how evil fairy tales can really be and meet some weird and wonderful characters along the way; some of them very familiar to us all, but also very different. These are not fairy tale creatures as we know them in our world.

Will Sara be rescued? Will they be able to obtain what they need to get them back to their own reality?
Not if the Queen can help it!

They have ventured into her land and as far as the elves are concerned, they are food!
Their only hope lies with their new friend - the only one who can help them to safety and has agreed to assist them in their quest to return home.

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