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Ghost Plane and Other Disturbing Tales

79 pages55 minutes


Take a ride on the Ghost Plane. Eleven twisted tales about life, love, and insanity. Eleven tales that explore the darker recesses. If you’re afraid to look too deeply in the mirror, read no further.

Scott Nicholson says: “Suzanne Tyrpak shows in these tales that horror can not only
aspire to literary value, but also explore emotional and psychological terrain that is
difficult to reach via other roads. Horror can hit you in the gut or mess with your head,
but at its best it can reach into your heart as well. And these tales reflect perhaps the
biggest horror of all—that we are alive, and this life is full of pain and death and love and
sharp edges...

Enter this circus and let Suzanne show you why horror is the greatest show on earth.”

This collection of short stories is composed of three segments: Airport Stories, Hot
Flashes, and Gothica. They range in length from 100 words to over 3000. Total word
count is approximately 15,000 words, about 55 pages.

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