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Suffering Rancor

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Five hundred years ago, a Dark Lord bent on spreading evil and corruption across two continents gains the ability to live by drawing power from those he kills—the more magic they wield, the more strength he gains. Rancor is a cannibal in the truest sense.

The church eventually persecutes all the magic wielders and condemns Rancor to the confines of flesh-eating mud, ending Rancor’s wicked rule. Yet instead of celebrating its victory over evil, the church continues its cruel inquisitions long after Rancor’s defeat. Five centuries later, the benefits of magic have long been forgotten and the legend of Rancor lives on only in stories ... that is until Rancor returns. Just two things stand between the Dark Lord and the destruction of all life— Princes Ambria of Kardoma and Greymar of the Doom Swamp.

Only time will tell if two great nations and their leaders will collapse into civil war before they realize exactly who is pulling their strings.

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