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Ajax: Book 2 of the Argosy Trilogy

201 pages2 hours


Michael Sykes, an identity thief, has accidentally stolen the wrong identity; that of a man whom the whole world wants dead—Captain Jacob Brinn, master of the research vessel, Argo, and leader of his incredible team of Argonauts.

When Sykes is rescued from a terrorist group by Autumn Brooke, Captain Brinn's commander of security forces, he finds there's a price. Against his will, he's been drafted into the Argonauts. The Captain has plans for him...

Thus begins the second phase of Brinn's crusade to bring the wonders of the future to the world of today.

But the best laid plans of even the Captain can go astray. This time it's in the form of "AJAX." And Ajax's genius has sold out to the highest bidder among America's enemies.

The brutal game of cat-and-mouse, spy and counterspy, deception and misdirection culminates in an incredible battle of technologies for the promise of America's golden heart itself.

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