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October 18th

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Will October 18th become the next extinction event? Or is it all just another doomsday conspiracy?

Trevor Woodward is an auto-mechanic who is struggling with a father who has Alzheimer’s, in a relationship with a woman he loves and loves to fight with, and he must somehow survive the end of the world as caused by Ivan.

Ivan is a comet on its way to Earth. Scientists predict that it will either collide with Earth or with the Moon. Either way, the impact will bring with it long term ecological changes in the environment, possibly even the extinction of human race

All Trevor wants to do is finish his work and get home to be with his girl, Kelly-Anne. For some reason it isn't the comet that worries Trevor, but something else. He feels that he's already lived through this disaster many times before. Can he change the future?

"Look!" Kelly-Anne said aloud. "Meteors."

Trevor turned toward the city and watched the rocks streak across the sky and disappear on the horizon. Something was coming. The question on his mind was probably the same as for most people on the mountain. The sober ones, at least. Would this be it? A memorable night with a few shooting stars or was this the precursor of a much more serious event?

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