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Conversations between God and Satan

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CONVERSATIONS is clearly satire, humor, and borderline science fiction, although the satire is relatively soft, the humor is somewhat subtle, and the science fiction is completely consistent with what you’d expect from two eternal beings, one of whom is supposed to have created the universe. Instead of dealing with the age-old, and quite frankly rather hackneyed, subject of God and Satan discussing Job, Conversations is a highly modern version that addresses a wide range of subjects. God has taken the form of a young National Merit Scholar male pre-med from Rapid City, South Dakota; Satan has selected the body of a very secular humanist female writer and English major from Omaha. They agree to meet at one of the most serene, gentle, and poetic places available, namely, the Crescent Moon Coffee House. During the course of their two-week “vacation,” they deal with every hot-button issue of the culture wars. Although their conversation is meandering, it does eventually address one of the central questions of our time: Why are people killing one another in the name of God?

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