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Chatterbox: Unsilenced Poems

60 pages46 minutes


A vulnerable woman falls for an online sweet-talker and poetry ensues.

Chatterbox is a collection of 110 poems — tiny tellings written during a year of marriage disintegration.

A creative force, exploding from decades of silence, inspires the Chatterbox poems. The poet struggles to attend to a Muse that wakes her each morning, urging her to capture the spirit igniting inside her.

The poems explore a world of bewildering emotions ranging from sadness and terror to anger and enlightenment.

Enter a world conjured from fairytales and dolls, the Garden of Eden, and The Wizard of Oz. Poems abound with moths and mice, dogs and horses, roosters and crows, oranges and apples, the moon and the sun.

The poet observes her life as it falls apart, then miraculously turns herself outward toward others.

If you love the poetry of Rupi Kaur, Maya Angelou, or Amanda Lovelace you will not want to miss the fresh new voice in Chatterbox: Poems by Sandy Day.
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