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Just Tell Me More

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Take the mystery out of marketing and grow your business.
I’ve written this book especially for entrepreneurs with little or no marketing experience. Regardless of your size or industry this book will work for you. If you’re a start-up or start-down (selling your business) or simply a hard working business owner/operator with a passion to take your established business to the next level this book is for you.
‘Just Tell Me More’ is marketing focused and filled with stories, tips, advice, checklists and ideas in plain language. You’ll get comfortable with traditional and new media marketing, sales, customer service, management, idea generation, business growth and more. This is a guidebook. Read the stories and apply the tips daily.
The truth is there are no shortcuts to marketing your business. No get rich quick, silver bullet answers. It’s about a lot of small wins that when added up become a big win based on an investment of time and consistent effort.
Start with one little win and grow from there. Take your business where you always knew it could be and then some.
Eric Gilboord A2E
(According 2 Eric)

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