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Consider Divine Love

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Every human heart longs to be unconditionally loved. Some have described this longing as a "God-shaped hole in the heart of every human soul which only God's love can fill." Yet when intimacy and trust have been abused and perverted for personal gain, it becomes increasingly difficult to consider embracing love again - even God's love.

Much has been written in mankind's attempt to quantify true love. Countless books and movies have been promoted by people claiming to have found the true meaning of this highly coveted ideal. Yet conflicting opinions abound and the search continues. Is true love even definable? And is there an immutable, universal standard by which to measure all such claims? The answer to both questions is unequivocally, "Yes!"

"Consider Divine Love" is an emotionally healing, spiritually inspiring, and biblically evangelical booklet. It examines some of the interpersonal struggles faced when considering the gospel message. "Who is this Jesus anyway? Why should I believe His claims of love? God never answered my prayers. Jesus never stopped the abuse. Why should I trust Him with my life?"

Biblical references will bring readers face-to-face with the real Jesus Christ - God in human flesh. And through a fresh, light-hearted, yet intensely practical examination of the famous biblical verses on love found in I Corinthians 13:4-8, readers will come realize how precious they are to the God who made them. Readers will realize God has no hidden agendas or manipulative tricks up His sleeve. He just offers His love and eternal life. That's it!

All things considered no matter what your race, nationality, age, gender, social status, education, or occupation, the only remaining question is, "Will you accept His offer of love?"

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