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Ain't Life Peachy

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“Ain’t Life Peachy,” is a compilation of five essays illustrating that both Fate, and his cousin Irony, do have a sense of humor.

A Quiet Hospitality

Our daily commute can be pretty mundane. Familiar landmarks melt into a sea of repetitious scenery that deadens our senses and sets the tone of our morning disposition. Occasionally, something special catches our eye that will lift our spirits and change our outlook turning that ordinary journey into joyful anticipation. That happened to me one wintry day on the way into work, and my outlook will never again be the same.

Town or Country?

City life can be wildly energetic. The daily influx of trend media broadcasts that inundate our TVs, PCs and smart phones offer an astonishing variety of products and services designed to entertain and educate the thriving city populace by providing immediate access to everything from breaking worldwide news events to who’s jamming at the local niterie.

Out in the country, we enjoy a more simplistic existence and celebrate the beauty of the seasons year round. The sounds of nature, an almost non-existent crime rate and the absence of sirens wailing in the night make country living a thankful and cherished privilege. But, like any other worthwhile relationship, living a rural lifestyle is not entirely carefree...

Your First Kidney Stone

A light-hearted memoir (in retrospect) of the trials and tribulations of passing your first kidney stone. Not to be confused for a medical journal, this recounting of a well-known excruciating affliction illustrates how an ordinary “day in the life” can be completely obliterated by the presence of a urologic invader no larger than a grain of sand.

Yard Sale Culture and the Art of Haggling

This user’s guide deals humorously with the culture of the early morning chase to find that undiscovered Rembrandt, and also serves as a beginner’s guide on the art of haggling for those un-indoctrinated souls who have yet to venture out into the world of rummaging.

“Who the Heck is Bob Ingersol?”

How in the world an emergency flight to Canada to aid an ailing relative could turn into one of the most fascinating historical discoveries I’ve ever stumbled onto is yet another example of those unexpected surprises that make life a little more interesting.

Robert Greene Ingersol is one of the many 19th century political characters that was completely overlooked in school (at least in my school) and it was with great interest that I became acquainted with him and with those in his circle of influence. It became even more intriguing when I learned that my dear septuagenarian mother-in-law was once married to a descendant of that group of Senators, and a captivating story involving “Ben Hur,” frontier wagon trains and the Nez Perce Indians was told.

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