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Ghost Patrol

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Ghost Patrol is a taut Science-Fiction thriller about perception, control and the nature of humanity.

The New World Federation is a strictly regimented space-dwelling society where the greatest reward is the absence of punishment. Mind-control and behavioural programming are the underpinnings of the society. Earth, the Fed’s hated enemy, is a Commonwealth where simulated humans make up a large portion of the population.

Angel 761-MT is an aberration among the identically featured, genetically engineered members of theNew World. Like every other Fed, his psyche has been manipulated literally from the moment of conception. Everything about him is different, however: his appearance, his physical potential, his mind’s responses to the standard Fed sleeptape programming...

Ghosts ripple beneath the surface of Angel’s conscious awareness — seen and unseen, known and unknown, real and unreal. They are the key to many of his talents, and crucial to his survival, but they can be dangerously treacherous, too. When the Earthies capture him, he is handed over to the Commonwealth’s top Fed deprogrammer for ‘reclamation’, but no-one, not even Angel himself, knows that his programming has been badly damaged all along.

Angel finds himself pitched head-first into a vicious game of psychological cat-and-mouse that threatens to destroy his mind at every turn. Whilst he struggles to determine reality, we have to decide the line between persuasion and torture, between loyalty and love — and, finally, ask ourselves what makes a human... human?

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