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of Fur and Fire

176 pages2 hours


BISAC: Fiction / Science Fiction / General

This collection contains Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and even some humor.
From the classic Andre Norton's "All Cats Are Gray" to the next generation of authors, we collected an interesting assortment of stories, poems, and images for you to enjoy.
Inside you will find cats, dragons and even the occasional co-mingling of the two.
Be warned! They are not always what they seem.

Authored by David C.Z. Wacks, Editor-in-chief Dana Bell, Guest editor David Wacks, Associate editor Diann Wacks, Contributions by Andre Norton, Contributions by Christopher M. Salas, Contributions by Dana Bell, Contributions by Samantha Shu, Contributions by Peter J. Wacks, Contributions by Pamela M. Nihiser, Contributions by Jessica Heckathorn, Contributions by Sam Knight, Contributions by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Contributions by Prince Shadari, Contributions by Alice M. Roelke, Contributions by David C.Z. Wacks, Photographs by Eric Murphy, Photographs by Stacey Vowell, Photographs by Anita Romero, Prepared for publication by DreamZion Publishing, Contributions by Andre Norton

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