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Druantia's Braids
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Druantia, was once human, but was remade into an immortal being—a Goddess. Her task is to guard against the return of the Nephilim. Her secret? The spirit of her children had been woven into the very fibers of her hair. For it is they who can birth a Nephilim. To pluck away one of her hairs is for that child to die.

Rhebul, Druantia’s father. An Angel, negligent in his duty, had fallen from grace. He will fight for right, and find redemption.

Jashma, an angelic custodian, one of the highest of the Angels. She craves carnal pleasures. She would rather consume the souls entrusted into her care, rather than to deliver them to their next destination.

The O’Byrne, Druantia's children, Druantia's blood. Born into this world. They are gifted and magical, cherished by Druantia. They are wantonly desired by Jashma, and championed by Rhebul.

Caught up in a battle from within their own house, they thought they had discovered and dealt with their enemy.

They were wrong.

Published: L. S. Fayne on
ISBN: 9781609030230
List price: $3.99
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