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A Visit from the Duchess and Other Award-winning Stories from the Stringybark Speculative Fiction Award

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“Do you know who I am?” rasps the man.
“Indeed, Mr Dakamos. Everyone up here has followed your career with interest.”
“Then you know what I have achieved. I have united the six continents with blood and fire! I have torn down the idols of the old kingdoms, and raised the standard of Gothog atop every hill.”
“Marvellous,” you murmur, subtly moving your ice-cherry mug a safe distance from his agitated hands. (from The Historian by Jack Nicholls).

Science fiction, fantasy, horror and the occasional zombie can be found in these twenty-eight wickedly clever speculative fiction stories written by both Australian and international authors. Chosen by Ruth Ellison, Russell Schneider and David Vernon, these are the best of the entries in the Stringybark Speculative Fiction Awards.

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