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2 Noble Hour

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Six scouts from the Royal Armada of Thuringa set up an outpost on an island in the South Pacific of Earth. When the other scouts return to the Armada to report, it falls to the lone Aquatic Brent Ardenne to maintain the new outpost. But boredom and unplanned visitors threaten his ability to maintain the island for Thuringi use. Can Michael Sheldon help him keep out of trouble? And who are in the strange airships putting the mission in danger?

Meanwhile, the other scouts fare no better. Stuart Phillipi returns to his unhappy marriage and a new surprise. Later he and Darien clash over the best way to handle the Earthian outpost. Gareth and Carrol face public disapproval over their newly revealed relationship. Gareth must also deal with his former lover’s unwelcome attentions as well as her husband’s jealousy. Glendon returns to his loving wife and daughter but finds his stiff-necked Garin kinsmen eye Earth with suspicion. Darien's roving eye settles on Glendon's attractive daughter, setting the stage for personal disaster if they are discovered.

The people of Thuringa make the best of their peripatetic existence even as malcontents within the society seek to stir up trouble for King Lycasis and his family. Daily life must go on even among the nomadic life of the Thuringi. Brigadier General Hartin Medina has a reputation for unwavering resolve that is known throughout the fleet. He embodies the warrior life. His daughter Lyra discovers that charm, looks and the Medina name mean little as she struggles to complete consue training, a self-defense course every Thuringi must finish. Whether it is on planet Earth, in the private royal quarters, among the warrior ranks or in a consue class, each Thuringi must face his own personal Noble Hour.

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