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Book 3 in the Council of Three series starts during Amy, Paul and Frank’s battle to leave Earth. With military and government cooperation it should have been easy, but no one counted on the criminals attacking the military base that now surrounds the pillar. Overwhelmed, the soldiers defending the base have to rely on Amy’s powers to shield them.
They now travel with two protectors who ensure that they are all well-armed and supplied. They are going to need every bullet they can carry. With them is a baby alien spider that has her own agenda and secrets. Others are watching them; a wolf-like policewoman, and an angel, but angels are a race other aliens despise.
They discover that another Earth human is loose in the galaxy and following them. They capture him, only to release him after obtaining the location of a newly discovered pillar on Earth and the promise of his group’s cooperation.
As they travel they become aware that they have been named ‘the three’, which seems to be part of some prophesy. The One Who Tests provides a sign, something humans on other planets are calling a miracle. It seems that God has a special role for Amy, as a healer. Why, when, how or where, Amy doesn’t know.
They start to question the old priest’s motives as the route he gave ‘the three’ leads them into dangerous places and situations again and again, seemingly always arriving during a crisis. Are they being set up? They are concerned that they may not survive to reach the old priest’s home planet. Turning back is an option they don’t want to think about.

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