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Lure of the Night (Book 1, Vampire Winter Saga)

217 pages4 hours


In a small town in America, Claire Winter makes two discoveries that will change her life forever. The first is an ancient Vampire Coven, the second is Ethan, the beautiful but puzzling boy she meets at Senior High and falls in love with. Their relationship is thrown into turmoil when she finds a tie between Ethan and the Vampire Coven. Her startling discovery forces her on a quest for truth that puts more than her life in mortal danger.

Claire has no choice but to embark on a hunt that takes her to Europe and back to North America, to the empty wastes of Canada via the voodoo-ridden city of New Orleans. She begins to discover the real truth about herself, it is both shocking and terrifying. For the cult of the Vampires exerts a powerful force on Claire that threatens to destroy her very soul. While family and friends hesitate, there is only one constant in her life that she can rely on. One person who will never fail her. Ethan.

A tale of powerful magic that can change worlds. Lure of the Night combines the elements of adventure, romance and magic to form an exciting and captivating story.

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