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Lord of the Ringless

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This is a 21st century storybook, not a fairy-tale! It is a mixed bag toting the daily lives, discoveries, dreams, and disappointments of today's Christian singles. It is a tool chest loaded with Scripture and practical opportunities for growth to enrich your connection to God and others.

This devotional prayer/study guide will plant hope in the heart seeking a peaceful life and a godly spouse, not a mystery, but a miracle! You will discover miracles occur every day as long as you serve a living Lord--the Lord of the Ringless!

Let the Lord of the Ringless Help You:
--Find contentment
--Soothe your yearnings for a mate
--Overcome feelings of depression, rejection, and anxiety
--Apply Scripture to singleness
--Understand God's love and care for you
--Grasp that you are not alone
--Pursue dreams and practice courage

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