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Newly paroled Hector “Hueso” Morales is trying go straight and get his family back together after fifteen years of hard time in California prisons for murders he committed as an East L.A. gang member.
There’s nothing he can do to resurrect his son, murdered in a gang war at age 16, following in the footsteps of his father. His estranged wife Reyna is unforgiving , but softens when she sees Hector’s dedication to finding and rescuing their daughter Luz from the streets of Los Angeles.
Hector is forced resort to his old ways, hanging with his old gang and reentering the violent varrio gang culture to find Luz. He risks a return to prison if his parole officer catches him, but Hector risks all in hopes of reuniting his family.
Hector is betrayed by old friends and enemies, but has unexpected allies in hard-edged cons he befriended in prison. Along the way he saves a six-year-old boy from the cruelties of gang life, and uses the wiles he learned in prison and in his gang days to dig up clues that lead to Luz.
Hector immerses himself in the deadly streets of East L.A. and does things he swore he’d never do again. He risks his life to save Luz and his family, and atone for his past life of violence in the gangs of L.A.

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