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ORIGINS: Volume 3 - Being Human

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Have you ever wondered...
How humankind began on Mother Earth?
Were there really an Adam and Eve?
Did Atlantis and Lemuria really exist?
Are there inhabited worlds other than Earth and if there are, what it would be like to visit them?
Why the Creator / God allows atrocities to continue on Mother Earth?

This continuation of the true and real Spiritual Odyssey of White Eagle, a Native American SpiritWalker (Poh-ti-ka-wah), explores and explains these questions that have been asked by countless numbers of people throughout the ages. Join him in his out-of-body journeys back in time with the Creator, whom he affectionately calls Great Pop, and through his words and illustrations see what he was shown in answer to these questions. Share in the experience of an unfolding time line of developments that explain how humankind came to be on Mother Earth. Find out what happens when White Eagle 'gets caught' in another world and how his life journey on Mother Earth is paralleled by the adventure! This third volume brings the reader to the time of the Great Flood and brings enlightenment to the issues of why the Creator / God has allowed certain conditions and behaviors to continue.

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