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A Murder of Crows Salvation

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This is the true story of Tony Crowe. His life is fast and out of control. Drugs, guns and money surround him. He is living a life that can only lead to death or jail. Everything goes wrong when his neighbour is attacked in his own house late one night by two men wearing face masks. Tony is the first suspect in the minds of the local police. When his house is searched early that morning drugs are found. Tony leaves the small village in the north on England for a life on the run. Interpol arrest him one year later leaving the small island of Malta for Sicily. After nearly two years in prison waiting for his second trial; the first being a hung jury, he is found guilty of attempted murder. His sentence is 12 years. His first prison is a maximum security unit inside a maximum security prison. On the first night in that dark place he gives his life to Jesus Christ.

“I have never in all my twenty five years as a high court Judge had the misfortune of sitting on a case where the injures inflicted on a living human being are such. This is the worst case of attempted murder I have ever seen. If you had killed him, and you very nearly did, I would have no option but to sentence you to life in prison. However, you have no convictions for any violence in the past.”
Now I'm thinking my fifteen years as gone up to twenty. Just give it to me so I can get out of here. “This was a very well planned and executed crime that but for one small mistake you would have gotten away with. However, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
Your sentence must be one of many years. Tony Crowe I sentence you to twelve years imprisonment.”

Tony, the sixth of seven children is from Whitehaven, a small town in the north of England, Or the lake district. Growing up in a normal home with a mother and a father who gave a good grounding in the rights and wrongs of life. At the age of sixteen he joined a motor cycle gang that grew into an Hells Angel chapter. After a 12 year marriage failed and with the loss of his two children in a custody hearing, Tony went on a road to ruin. At the zenith of the chaos this book starts.

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