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Do you ever wonder what happened to your sweet child? Holy Moses, the back talk! Why do they argue so much and refuse to cooperate? They're still lovable, funny, and charming at times - it's not like they're bad kids. So what's up with getting in trouble at school, nonstop bickering with siblings, and the disrespectful come backs when we ask them to straighten their room or clear the table after dinner?

Challenging behavior is difficult to manage as kids get older and more independent. Headaches abound as you're constantly forced to deal with an obstinate or sassy child. So what is there to do? Ask the Discipline Chic, that's what!

After helping thousands of caregivers with toddler discipline, author Michelle Smith is back again, telling it like it is with discipline for five to twelve year olds. Bold and witty, Tiger Tamer teaches you how to maintain calm authority, manage verbal come backs, and teach kids how to behave appropriately. Whether you are an educator, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle - it doesn't matter. Tiger Tamer is the answer to your discipline needs. Get the inside, professional secrets on how to deal with:

1.) Constant negative exchanges
2.) Backtalk
3.) Defiant or demanding behavior
4.) Sibling arguments
5.) Refusing to listen to adults
6.) Bossy, whiny, or stubborn personalities

And much, much more!

Published: Michelle Smith on
ISBN: 9781461015123
List price: $2.99
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