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Croaked: an Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery

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Croaked: an Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (2 ratings)
Length: 466 pages6 hours


Cape Cod! To Lydia Vivaldi, the seaside village of Quansett looks like sanctuary--until she learns her only friend here was killed last month. How could an ace Fix-It Chick fall off a ladder at a film shoot? Over lunch at Leo's Back End, Lydia’s probing sparks a flirtation with the filmmaker, but no answers. When Leo offers her the job of soup-chef, she grabs it--and soon realizes quite a few people in Quansett know more than they’re telling. Leo’s Wampanoag dessert chef had a fling with the dead girl. His gossipy head cook claims that wasn’t her only secret romance. But the police have closed the case, and the parents don’t want anyone tarnishing their daughter’s memory. Only Edgar Rowdey, famous author of creepy little books, shares Lydia's suspicions. Can this unlikely pair of sleuths find out what really happened before it happens again?

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