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42 Easy Magic Tricks

66 pages47 minutes


Have you ever been keen to learn a few secrets of magic?

Would you like to be the life and highlight at the next party?

How about creating that air of mystery about you and
make others believe that you have special powers!

Grandparents: Do you want to amaze and
then teach your grandchildren some cool tricks?

42 Easy to do magic tricks with everyday objects! Yes you read correctly... with normal everyday objects you can find around the home. Nothing else to buy! Most people do believe that magic tricks take months and months of practice – yes, but thats for the professional magicians only! This book is for beginners amateurs and people that are curious and would like to learn a few easy tricks! You can basically do all tricks within minutes! Very little or no practice is needed and the main aim of the book is to get you interested in the art of magic and hav some fun.

Great for everyone, from children to business people from 6 to 106!

Tricks with coins, glasses, cards, coins and bananas.
Mind reading and mathematical tricks too!
Make coins vanish, read someone's mind, do cool card tricks, stick a needle into a balloon without popping it, pre-cut a banana without pealing it, and many more!

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