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Golden Horizons

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Golden Horizons is part 3 of the Moon Rising series by best selling author Laurie Bowler.

Nessy’s spiritual sojourn continues as the good and the bad, the animal and the human clash - one side vying for supremacy over the other. Nessy’s will power and bravery win as she stands and chooses the right path.
With Charles, the Eaves coven, and the Gulons working and fighting alongside Nessy to discover the mystery surrounding the strange happenings around them in their quiet village, together they must stand and face the evil force to maintain the balance of their world.
The Gulons bring forth their own heritage and legends changing the direction they’ve been ruling and protecting the humans, bringing Nessy back into their safe harness and their co-existence with the vampire race.

The pressure is on for all involved, the covens are forceful, the Gulons are powerful, Nessy is strong willed and finds herself thrown into the dark world along with the unknown attacked evil force that no one has known to exist, until now.

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