All Aboard! Romance on Route 66

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All Aboard! Romance on Route 66

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Length: 239 pages5 hours


Take a journey from Los Angeles to Chicago along the famous historical Route 66 in 1957 aboard the special “Lady Greyhound” bus. Meet a cross section of Americans who typify the times. Ride along through good times and bad times. Share the feeling of motels and restaurants of everyday life along the way. A rodeo in New Mexico; a hurricane in Texas; a ride on a paddle wheeler in St. Louis are just some of the events to enjoy.
Experience the trials and tribulations of the characters such as Lilly Fields a spinster middle aged woman whose life was sheltered always being reminded she was plain and unattractive, but a heart of gold lies under her breast bone. Slim Bekins the bus driver whose height basketball players would envy bore the mark of klutz, but like his soon to be love, a heart as big as his height matched Lilly’s. Two of them find love where love eluded them all of their lives.
Meet Ricky an Elvis wannabe looking very much like the original is bound for Nashville to meet his idol. However, he falls in love with Diane Frasher who harbors a secret that will tear her family apart is on her way to the university fresh after high school graduation. Also meet Bill Silvers an over the hill silver tongue car salesman headed to Detroit to pickup his new Thunderbird determined not to grow old after living too many years with a social lush of a wife. Then there is Al Weeks a guy who has a chip on his shoulder the size of a plate whose only love in life is being a mechanic. He meets Sue Sweet, an over the hill Las Vegas show girl grasping for her last chance with a promise of a singing career in Nashville. Her strength of character freshly divorced tangles with the arrogant Al.
Other passengers include Herm and his wife Viola. They are German immigrants and he is an appliance repairman struggling to fit in being German. Hugh and his wife Gloria are small town hardware owners just retired turning the business over to their third generation son. Panic sets in as the IRS wants an audit of their books. A calming effect aboard is Jasper and his wife. He is a pastor of a church in a small town in Oregon. He and his wife keep the passengers calm in times of trouble, like when a hurricane hits them in Texas. Along the way two passengers are added in the form of Carl, a small town banker and his meek wife. He’s an authoritarian and makes a fool of himself along the route as does she finally rebelling.

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