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Chapter I The Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Mission
World War 1 is almost over when suddenly Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, America’s top ace, is shot down. With his loss goes his drive to make flying a safe, every day convenience by becoming president of American Airlines and later during WWII, was an advisor to the president. Once again the 1800 Club taps a member to go back only to find out that he would be no match against a WWI German fighter pilot. He presents the club with his idea: Send back his grandfather.
Chapter II The Amelia Earhart Mission
What happens when Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, completes the around-the-world flight that she originally disappeared on? Japan thinks that she was taking photographs of Truk, one of their naval staging islands, and attacks the U.S. earlier than she originally did. Signing a pact with Mexico Japan not only attacks Pearl Harbor but invades from Mexico and other spots along the Pacific coast. The club’s president, William Scott decides to send pilot John Brand back with him as a co-pilot. They must fly thousands of miles in an aircraft from the future to guide Amelia and Fred to a better ending.

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