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Get on board and get ready! You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. You are going to travel the Europeans countries of Germany, France and the British Isles, and you are going to learn all about their magnificent history, their cultures and their delicious delectable cuisine. Our first stop will be Germany. Be prepared for the views of beautiful rivers, such as the Rhine and the magnificent mountain ranges of the Harz and Alpine. As we drift down the Rhine, we will tell each other the German folklore tales of old and picture the colorful costumes of the people and their customs.

We will also be partaking of the delicious tastes and cuisine of Germany with the mouthwatering smells wafting out of the German kitchens. There is nothing finer in the world than the smell of German hams and sausages braising on the stove along with their sweet and sour combinations, such as sauerbraten.

Next we will be on the shores of that romantic country of France. As the Eiffel Tower zooms into view, the wonderful aromas of the French kitchens will assail our taste buds. We will be cooking and tasting the delicious recipes that famous French cooks have prepared for many years. Can you smell the delicious aromas of the Bouillabaisse as it simmers on the stove? Perhaps the famous French Omelet or Beef Burgundy will wake up your palate. How would you like a ride down the famous river Loire, where we can get view of beautiful chateaux, as we lazily drift on the river?

Our next stop will be the beautiful British Isles. We will visit all the historical sites in London and stand in awe as we see The Tower of London and The London Bridge where so much history of the English people took place. We might get lucky and get a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II with her Royal family as we walk by the Buckingham Palace or we might see some famous people as we tour The Westminster Abbey.

This book, European Delights Delicious German Recipes, Delicious French Recipes And Delicious British Isles Recipes Delicious Recipes Cookbook, presents to you the history, cultures, customs, and cuisine for these three amazing European countries in the following chapters:
Chapter One
Germany The History Of Its People
Chapter Two
German Delicious Recipes Cookbook
Chapter Three
France The History Of Its People
Chapter Four
France Delicious Recipes Cookbook
Chapter Five
British Isles The History Of Its People
Chapter Six
British Isles Delicious Recipes Cookbook
Chapter Seven
European Delights Desserts

And we are going to learn to cook some delicious recipes for Germany, France and The British Isles. Here are some delicious recipes you will be learning how to cook:
Pot Roast with Dumplings Sauerbraten Mit Spatzle
Small Dumplings Spatzle
Veal Roast Kalbsbraten
Puree of Dried Peas Erbsenpuree
German Potato Salad Kartoffelsalat
Vegetable Medley Delight Leipziger Allerle
Dumplings in Marrow In Consommé Markkldsschen
Liver Dumpling Soup Leberknodelsuppe
Delicious Fried Lobster Gebratener Hummer
Delectable Broiled Salmon Rhein Lachs Vom Grill
Scrumptious Deep-Fried Sole Gebackene Seezunge
German Delicious Bavarian Cabbage Bayerisches Kraut
Bass Poached With White Butter Sauce Bar Poche au Beurre Blanc
Broiled Salmon Steaks With Garlic And Herb Butter Darnes de Saumon Grillees au Beurre d'Escargots
Lobster Simmered With Wine Tomatoes And Herbs Homard a l' Americaine
Green String Beans Blanched And Buttered Haricots Verts au Naturel
Glazed White Onions Oignons Glaces a Blanc
French Omelet Omelette
Open-Faced Cheese Tart Quiche au Fromage
French Onion Soup Soupe a l'Oignon
Fish Stew Bouillabaisse
Delicious Duck With Turnip Caneton aux Navets
And Many More!

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