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Feel Your Affirmations-A Secret

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Feel your Affirmations-A Secret

This information could help change your life. It is concrete comprehensive information on "how to" methods to feel affirmations and be validated. 48 pages include.....
Conventional Affirmations
Positive Conventional affirmations can change your life
Conventional affirmations techniques
The Mirror Technique
The Anywhere Technique
The Trashcan Technique
The Meditation Technique

Do Words Matter? Words to Use and Not Use!
I Can/I Can’t
I Am Going To
I Will
I Am
I Am Not
What Do You Think?
Divine Energy Connection---The Truth of YOU
Spiritual Truth
So What if You Could FEEL Affirmations
How to “FEEL” Affirmations (3 ways)
Ask For Help
Give Thanks
The Divine Energy Connection Explained More
Our Energy System
To This Day
Mike’s Great Question
The Two Direct Benefits of Affirmation Energy Surges
Some of My History
Does It Work for You / Open Chakras
Clearing Our Energy Field / Clearing Emotions
A Peaceful Challenge to You
Helpful Worksheet
Try the exercises and let me know. (contact info inside book.)

It has worked for me for years and now for others !

Be a ground breaker with us !
Why not see if it works for you?

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