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Unearthly Snowbound

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In the year 2020 an extraterrestrial encounter arrives to save the earth from human kind destroying the balance of the universe in general and the earth in particular. The aliens affected the weather by covering the earth in a blanket of snow. In addition, they disable all satellite communication world-wide. Humans struggle to live in the weather conditions and throughout the story the weather plays a major factor.
Under the cover of blizzard conditions terrorists are bent upon destroying New York City with a dirty bomb on a train bound from Chicago to New York. Our main character in the story discovers the plot and foils the attempt.
Meanwhile in Washington D.C. our first female president struggles to control the government and a subsequent assassination attempt by an ambitious general is stopped.
The next part is the train ride from New York City to Cheyenne Mountain where NORAD is located. Our hero leads the sojourn, with the help of his supporting cast, outthinking rebel bandits and another attempt to usurp the president. Interspersed are smaller events such as finding survivors and portraying the American spirit never giving in to adverse conditions.
Arriving in Colorado once more our hero takes on the challenge of the weather and that is when contact is made with the aliens. A faction of dissenters attempts to assassinate both our hero and the president.
The friendly aliens educate human kind and stop all forms of pollution and wars. A new way of life living with Nature and fellow humans is the theme of the novel.
Specific attention to the characters and their lives gives the novel a fresh sense of Life.

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