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25 short stories from the master of whatever.

17 never collected. One exclusively written for this collection!

8 Ozon
The Unified Three Year Product Trajectory
The Last Year Of Movies
L.A. In Pieces
In The Shakespeare
Shibamata, Tokyo
George Lucas Episode Zero Set Diary
Shrödinger’s Inception
Le Sandwich Parfait De Lenny Et Vanessa (A Love Story)
There Is A Better World Featuring Terence Trent D’arby
Morrissey Under Pressure: A Science Fiction Adventure
What Is Autassassinophilia?
Keanu Reaves And The Ghost Of Akira, The Quarter Billion Dollar Boy
Dr Who And The Sexy Of The Daleks
El Wu-Tang Clan Encuentra La Bruja De Brooklyn
Monkey Is Not Enough
I Remember You Nasty
The Nature Of Things
A- The Magnificent Inheritance
B – The Geometry Of The Bongo
C – Gardening As Rot
D - What It Means To Be A Doctor Is To Love
E– Under The Telescope
Nervous Teeth Drink All The Poison

Published: Marc Horne on
ISBN: 9781465791832
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