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If You Like To Laugh, Volume Four

46 pages27 minutes


Here's an ebook that you can treasure forever. "If you like to laugh, volume four" is a collection of 30 (mostly)comedic stories appropriate for all ages. The tales range from the sophisticated to the absurd, always thought-provoking, always funny. Remember Howard the mysterious multi-millionaire? He's explained here. Ever had a bad boss? "Amphion and his lyre" is your consolation. Remember Calista's TV show? Here's the episode that didn't make the small screen. Shakespeare's narcoleptic; Shh'vice, the man who inspired Thomas Edison and America's first export industry; Sisyphus; and Indiana Joan are here. Relationship problems? You'll enjoy with "Mixed Signals". Haven't got February 14th arranged? Send "A Sincere Valentine". If you like to laugh, you'll love this book.

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