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Search for a Woman: An Anthology of Stories and Poems Looking at Women from All Walks of Life

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Elderly women on a bus. A military officer and an alien ambassador. A runway model wishing for a normal life. An obsessive fan. Someone haunted by a love lost forever. A woman that's turned her back on her childhood church. A woman dealing with the death of someone she never got to know.

What is in common here?

All of them, and more, are making journeys through life to find what defines them as women. This collection of ten poems and nine short stories travels though time and even space to look at women's issues from a variety of angles and themes.

This book is categorized as adult for themes and occasional language.

In this value-priced book comprising of half of material from my archives and half new material written for this collection, sample a wide variety of ideas all brought together under the common theme of a woman's point of view. Some stories, such as "Lost Souls" and "Dying Days," are inspired by my time working in animation. Two others - "Birth Pains" which appeared abbreviated on Goodreads and the all new "Blurring Lines" - set up some backstory for a town for which I plan to do a series of books in the future. Most poetry here was refined in workshops and later shared in a poetry reading. I hope you enjoy the adventure as you search for a woman!

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