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Around The World

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The economy sucks, and so does Kat's life. No summer job means dropping out of college, but even then, what's she going to find? Then a friend recruits her to work on a cruise ship. Only this isn't your typical cruise ship. It's a private yacht, and a huge one, that rents itself out to groups of wealthy businessmen for week long cruises in in the Mediterranean. The pay is amazing, and the perks even better. And the work is mostly just being eye candy, hostesses for the guests. But Kat quickly finds the atmosphere on the yacht is ripe with sexuality. The dozen other girls there have fallen in love with partying with rich men and sailing the world. The permissive atmosphere starts to get to Kat, and being nice to guests turns into sleeping with them, and as her inhibitions melt away under the hot sun she thrills to the daring and kinky, to the wild and unforgettable. Far from home and anyone she knows, she too gives herself to the hedonistic lifestyle and has the wildest time of her life.

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