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Death of a Hummingbird

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Colonel Cody Watson spent his life in service to his country, both military and paramilitary and now at age 50 he was ready to retire to his cabin in Wyoming. Unfortunately, his best laid plans are set aside when his commander, and best friend General Hard Head Washington, is ruthlessly murdered in his own home. Colonel Watson has a new assignment.

Since the general was a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, every federal agency in the country gets to work to find the killers. But Hard Head was in the middle of research only his best friend knew about and it was that research into white supremacist, anti-government business operations that could have made him a target. Cody enlists the help of the general's computer savvy sister and some well-armed former Navy SEALS to hunt down the criminals who have wasted no time in making Cody a target as well. Their search takes them from Washington, DC to Buffalo, NY to Pinedale, WY, leaving a trail of bodies along the way. Once they determine that the criminals are searching for a 3.5 diskette with an omega symbol, Cody and his team set an elaborate trap to take out the leaders of Fire Base Inc.

Once again Ben DeWitt spins a tale of intrigue and adventure, combining his storytelling talent with his military background.

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