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A Hex To Save Rynia, Book One of the Sons of Rynia Trilogy

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Eight years have passed since the events of A Hex Upon Rynia. What the Rynians saw as a war of survival, Hex is shocked to learn was just a feint on the part of Tsurtor, Rynia’s sworn enemy. Now, he is ready to unleash his army of stone giants and dragons, tanks and jets, and impossible magic against the small nation of Rynia with only a few heroes to stand in his way.

With Tsurtor pulling the strings, Rynia’s heroes are turned away quite simply. Ostrander, the earth golem, is off-planet. King Marcus is dealing with intrigue in another land. Vincent, the world’s youngest magician, has let adolescent rage ruin his magic. And Hex is imprisoned on Earth, facing multiple counts of murder!

With the first book in the Sons of Rynia trilogy, Tsurtor begins a war that will forever change Rynia and those who will protect it. Will there be A Hex To Save Rynia?

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