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Pirates 1: Treasure Hunter

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1. Introduction
This story is the first of four that make up the Pirates Action Adventure Series. If you enjoyed this sample or story, why not buy the collection. You can find it at your favorite e-vendor by searching "Kenneth Guthrie Pirates: The Collection".

2. Promotional Story Included
This story includes one story from my Mage Fantasy Series, An Unexpected Dinner (about 1,500 words).

3. Description
2Eyes and his crew are after the treasure. Unfortunately, everyone else is after them. Finding the treasure may be the easiest thing they have to deal with in a vicious series of events that puts them up against ninjas and much, much more! A humorous look at the experiences of one pirate crew and their fight to stay alive.

3. Notes
- Pirates Vs. Pirates
- Brotherly hate
- Violent impact
- Humorous action
- The chest
- Ninja
- Action Adventure Genre

4. Stories in this series
# Treasure Hunter (#1 Short Story)
# Buccaneer (#2 Short Story)
# Treasure Hunter and Buccaneer (Combined Story Pack)
# Fortress of Memories (#3 Short Story)
# Meeting of Death (#4 Short Story)
# Fortress of Memories and Meeting of Death (Combined Story Pack)
# Pirates: The Collection (Pirates 1 to 4)

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