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Learn to Pray

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In these high-tech times, children and young adults are assaulted from every direction by a barrage of instantaneous distractions: from text messages to email -- Facebook updates to camera phone snapshots.

It's a sad fact that very little of this correspondence carries any spiritual or religious significance. Many youth ignore religion at best or mock it at worst. It’s just not considered “cool” by many of them.

How can we as adults and role models break through the barrier and present our youngest generation with the information they need to become good and righteous Christians? The answer is we have to get them interested. We have to present them with compelling information that spurs their thought process into wanting to learn more.

“Learn to Pray” is intended to get young people interested in religion and Christianity in particular. It makes reference to Bible scripture, but also complements those references with heart-to-heart conversation that speaks to youth in language they can understand and are accustomed to. It presents an argument for using prayer daily to establish a personal relationship with God. It attempts to make the concept of prayer more accessible and more meaningful to the average modern-day kid.

If you are a parent or a concerned adult and feel, like we do, that today’s generation needs much more spiritual guidance than they’ve been getting, then this book is one you’ll likely want to consider giving to your own children or relatives or even just youth you know through other association. It’s a great, easy-reading, “introduction to prayer” title that a parent can use as an occasional substitution for a bedtime story as well to start very young children off on the right path.

In summary, we feel passionately about the material and have done our best to produce a work that we feel will be compelling enough to get young people more interested in establishing and strengthening their relationship with God.

We highly encourage you, even as an adult, to get the eBook and look it over and then present it as a gift to the children and young adults you care for most.

100% of all revenue is poured back into the enterprise of creating more original religious and spiritual works intended towards reaching youth and adults, helping them lead productive, Christian, fulfilling lives in God’s name.

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