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Black Cat: Fierce Competition

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Shapely Latina super heroine, Black Cat, has been working long and hard to caught a trio of notorious street pimps. She finally had proof they were running a white slavery operation, kidnapping pretty young women and selling them to brothels and other pimps. But just when Black Cat is ready to spring her trap, her arch rival, Platinum Angel, arrives to steal her glory. Will their back alley catfight alert the hated pimps? Can the two rival super heroines pull it together to stop the white slavery operation? Or will their hate for each other bring them down, and within the unmerciful power of the pimps?

Warning: Explicit sex and violence, bondage, M/f, girl-on-girl, super heroine, sex, peril

This is a story of approximately 14,500 words. This is a great story if you love stories about super heroine getting in over their heads.


“And just where do you think you’re going?” a beautiful feminine voice asked from above and behind.
Black Cat’s heart dropped into her stomach. She knew that voice. It was her bane, her most arrogant and self-righteous nemesis. Platinum Angel, an Alpha Meta, or Amazon, Super Heroine. A noted and celebrated Super Heroine for more than a dozen years.
The sexy black clad FEM fighter whirled around, brown eyes blazing. She looked up at the gorgeous platinum blonde Super Heroine, a member of the ruthless Fierce Angels, a relatively new Alpha Meta sorority of Super Heroines. Platinum Angel was so gorgeous it hurt. She was one of the few women that made Black Cat feel inadequate. And she was so smug and arrogant.
“You can just leave, Platinum Angel,” she snarled. “This is my bust. I did the leg work and I will take them down. Your assistance is neither needed nor desired. Shove off.”
As an Alpha Meta, Platinum Angel had one advantage over Black Cat. She possessed a Power. Platinum Angel was a Telekinetic Power, giving her the ability to pick up and hurl anything great distances. So it was no effort at all to pick herself up and “fly” through the air at incredible speeds. At the moment she was floating five feet above Black Cat like some angel from stripper Heaven.
Platinum Angel’s full pink lips curled into a mischievous smile and her baby blues twinkled with delight behind a pure white mask. A light breeze played in her waist length silver blonde tresses, and ruffled the pure white “angel wings” of her headdress. The amazing Amazon had a spectacular five foot ten body with titanic 44DDs, barely concealed in a mirror like silver bikini, with silver thigh boots and silver opera gloves.
“You’re so cute when you’re angry, Black Cat,” Platinum Angel said, dropping the rest of the way. Her stilettos clattered softly on the concrete and she struck a classic Super Heroine pose. “But it’s time for you to step aside and let the big girls play.”
“I am not some airhead Amazon,” Black Cat said. “I am a celebrated member of the FEM Fighters here in Ocean City. Indeed, I’ve received National commendations. So take your bimbo smile and bimbo bikini clad body and fly away. I am taking these deadbeats on solo. I don’t share, so scram.”
“Ooh, kitty has claws,” Platinum Angel crooned, scratching in the air at Black Cat. The sexy FEM fighter didn’t appreciate being mocked. “I’m all a-quiver in fear.”
“You should be,” Black Cat said, eyes narrowing and body tensing up for combat.
Platinum Angel paused, looking her over closely. She didn’t look impressed.

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