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Terra Incognita

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Terra Vargas lives on a world shattered by climate change in a city threatened by fierce marauders—the deepee—who destroyed her family. When a young man, Ravi Sanghera, arrives with a destiny of his own—to rid the earth of ‘The Destroyer of Worlds,Terra learns she has powers she neither understands nor wants—powers that might hold the secret to preserve or destroy the only home she knows.

Now Ravi faces a terrible choice, kill Terra... Or abandon the reason he traveled half way around a shattered planet, and help her stop the deepee.

The answer lies in their future, but first they must survive.

Karen L. Abrahamson creates a gutsy heroine and a troubled hero in a terrifying world of floods, volcanoes and acid rain. With its colorful characters, unique magic and gritty depiction of life in the post apocalyptic city of Couver, this book will keep readers turning the pages until late at night.

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