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How to Protect Your Ideas Before Spending Money on a Patent

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When you have a new idea learn the right way to protect yourself. Mailing an idea to yourself in a postmarked letter doesn’t work.

This guidebook takes you through the true methods to protect your ideas. Based on 24 years of experience, the easy to read guidebook takes you through the important step-by-step procedures.

You'll discover:

* Protection - How to protect your idea before spending money on a patent.

* Patentability - What's patentable and what's not.

* Timing - When to file before you lose all your rights.

* Costs - Current patent costs and maintenance fees schedule.

* Filing - What you'll need to file for a Utility patent and Design patent.

* Provisional - How and when to use Provisional Patent Applications (PPA).

* Attorneys - Where to find good patent attorneys.

* Trademarks - When you should register a trademarks, how they add value, how to file, and how long they last.

* Copyrights - The types of products a copyright protects, how to file, and how long the protection lasts.
* And much more.

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