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Drizzle is a story which develops around a young marine biologist and his assistant, who suddenly find themselves able to communicate with whales at the same time the International Whaling Commission, following a twenty year moratorium, re-opens the seas to harvesting whales.

Shortly after the 1st whales are harpooned, the seas become unsafe for small boats as the leviathans of the sea begin attacking and sinking small craft in the open ocean and its tributaries.

Faced with no alternative the young scientists are forced to disclose their discovery and after convincing the scientific community of their ability, they are given 10 days to find a means of stopping the attacks, or the navies of the world will be ordered to annihilate the rogue animals.

"Exciting," "Interesting," "Thrilling," "Ending Was Great," "What A Movie It Will Make,"
...are comments I have received from people who have read Drizzle.

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